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Estate Planning Attorney in DeBary, FL

Why You Need an Estate Planning Attorney in DeBary, FL

With a population close to 20,000 residents, and more one-fifth over 65 years of age, according to the U.S. Census, DeBary, FL is known for being a nice place to live and retire.  The vast majority of individuals will accumulate most of their wealth before they reach retirement age. But most individuals put of estate planning until later in life which leaves their family at risk.

As an estate planning attorney who has served the DeBary community for more than 25 years, I have helped many people take the necessary steps to protect assets, minimize tax liability, control the distribution of assets and ensure their health wishes are carried out in the event they become incapacitated or are otherwise unable to do so.  


When someone passes away in Florida, the personal representative (an executor in other states) will need the assistance of a probate attorney to ensure they are meeting their legally required fiduciary duties as they administer the estate of a decedent. This also includes paying the estate’s bills and responding to any claims and/or legal challenges from other interested parties, to name a few. Bryant & de Parry, P.A., represents clients pursuing either a simple summary administration or a more complex formal administration.

Also, if probate can be avoided is a common question many clients often ask. An estate planning attorney has a number of tools that can help individuals residing in DeBary, FL avoid the probate process. There are strict legal requirements that must be met so effective estate planning is the key.


With an ageing population living longer than previous generations the number of individuals facing health challenges in their later years will continue to increase. This may place family members in a position where they need the assistance of a guardianship attorney to protect the financial assets of an adult family member who is not able to do so themselves.

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