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Practice Areas

Estate Planning

At Bryant & de Parry, P.A., we assist clients with a wide range of estate issues. Our estate planning attorneys will carefully evaluate your personal goals while advising you on your estate planning options, including the following:

  • Simple and complex Wills
  • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
  • Estate, inheritance and gift tax planning and preparation
  • Health Care Surrogate
  • Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Living Wills
  • Special Needs Trusts and disability planning
  • Pre-need guardian designations


If you need to administer an estate through the probate process, our legal team is well qualified to provide the probate services you need. Bryant & de Parry, P.A. is focused on helping the personal representative of the estate navigate the probate process and properly administer that estate until it can be closed. The attorneys provide clear, authoritative guidance to clients during each step of the process, whether it is a simple Summary Administration or a more complicated Formal Administration.


As our aging population continues to grow, more and more families are faced with tough questions concerning their incapacitated family members. A guardianship may be the answer to these questions. Guardianship is a legal proceeding that protects incapacitated persons and their property by transferring all or certain rights from them to someone who is better suited to care for the person’s physical and financial needs. The elder law attorneys at Bryant & de Parry, P.A. can assist you in determining whether a guardianship is needed to protect the financial and personal affairs of your loved one.

Guardian Advocate

Parents of children with developmental disabilities face challenges when those children reach the age of 18.  When this happens, parents no longer retain the legal authority to make decisions for their children. Guardian Advocate proceedings enable a family member or caregiver of an individual with developmental disabilities to acquire legal authority to act on the individual’s behalf. The attorneys at Bryant & de Parry, P.A. can assist you in determining whether Guardian Advocate proceedings are needed for your family member with developmental disabilities.

Business & Commercial Law

Bryant & de Parry, P.A. assists new and existing businesses. We advise clients on the best business entity for their circumstances. We help clients resolve disputes through litigation, mediation or arbitration. In addition, our lawyers offer advice, document preparation and other transactional services. We are dedicated to helping businesses succeed.

Civil Litigation

Bryant & de Parry, P.A. handles civil litigations cases concerning the following issues: probate, trust administration and guardianship.