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Estate Planning Attorney in DeBary, FL

Estate Planning Attorney in DeLand, FL

The Law Firm of Bryant & de Parry is a top-rated estate planning attorney in DeLand, FL. We represent clients on many legal matters, including probate, elder law, guardianship, and trusts. We have provided exceptional legal representation for discerning clients for over 25 years throughout Volusia County, FL, including Daytona Beach, DeBary, Deltona, Lake Helen, and Orange City, FL.

What is Estate Planning

Estate planning will benefit most individuals and families, regardless of income level. It is the process of making personal, health, and financial decisions during your lifetime regarding the disposition of your assets in the event you become incapacitated or upon death. Proper estate planning can help avoid family disputes in making health decisions, guardianship, and distribution of assets to heirs and beneficiaries that can occur when a loved one passes away with or without a will. It can also help avoid probate and may even have some tax advantages.

Estate planning typically includes a comprehensive set of legal documents such as:

  • wills and trusts
  • healthcare directives
  • disability planning
  • guardianship
  • asset distribution


Probate is a public, court-supervised administration of the decedent's estate. When a person dies, the court will oversee the distribution of assets in accordance with a will or, per Florida law, if a decedent doesn't have a will. A court-appointed personal representative has the fiduciary responsibility to settle the final affairs of the estate, including filing tax returns, paying creditors, and transferring assets to heirs and beneficiaries.

Elder Law

An individual is legally recognized as a senior citizen upon their 60th birthday in the State of Florida. This is an important distinction because it provides an additional layer of protection for seniors from harm, including mental or physical abuse and fraud. Elder law is also a consideration when consulting with our elder law attorney in DeLand for managing your healthcare, trusts, and guardianship as you move through the many stages of your life.

When You Need an Estate Planning Attorney in DeLand

Life moves fast, but courts don’t. Proper estate planning can help you avoid probate, protect your assets, issue guardianship directives, and may even provide tax benefits. Contact Bryant & de Parry, P.A., today at (386) 736-1223 to schedule an initial consultation with an estate planning attorney in DeLand, FL.